Call for Proposals

The web is suffocating under a broken business model. Its economic engine is driven by invasive advertising, data trafficking, AI-generated recommendations, and site-by-site subscriptions.

All of us suffer the consequences, but independent creators and publishers face a particular set of challenges from omnipotent platforms and opaque algorithms that reward clicks, not quality.

We believe that better business models can be built within the very fabric of the web itself, starting with the browser.

Grant for the Web supports open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. This Call for Proposals will fund projects that contribute to an ecosystem of web monetized content, users, tools, and infrastructure.

Call for Proposals

Award tracks

Foundational Technology

Supporting technology, tools, and infrastructure that innovate around the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger Protocol.

Creative Catalyst

Supporting experiments in the creation, distribution, and discoverability of content monetized using the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger Protocol.

What we’re looking for

We aim to build monetization natively into the web by funding the innovation and growth of an open technology stack featuring the Web Monetization standard and the Interledger Protocol – tools that allow money to stream in real-time as you browse the web.

Projects submitted under the Foundational Technology track should innovate around the technology itself: i.e.building plugins, APIs, and templates for monetizing the web, etc.

Projects submitted under the Creative Catalyst track should use existing Web Monetization technology to explore the creation, distribution, and discoverability of content online. Funds can be applied to content production specifically intended for monetization experiments, for example: how to deliver, use, segment, and channel content.

Prototypes must be manageable experiments, but they are not required to succeed – we recognize that we don’t know the limits of the technology and are enthusiastically open to boundary-pushing ideas.

We’re looking for web-based experimentation with strong potential for further innovation beyond the life of the grant. Our goal is iterative learning in order to build a healthy, vibrant ecosystem of web monetized tools, content, and resources.

A few important details

  • Grant for the Web will fund projects scoped up to six months in duration. If you have an idea that is more ambitious, focus your application on a deliverable that can be achieved in the first six months.
  • At least 50% of all grant dollars distributed through this open call will fund content and software projects that are openly licensed.
  • Applications to the open call can be submitted by individuals, teams, companies, and organizations (including non-profits and municipalities).
  • One application per person, group, team, or organization.
  • Projects can only be submitted under one track.
  • While projects and content can be in any language, applications must be submitted in English.
  • Applicants must be 18 or older.
  • We can fund projects almost anywhere in the world except for Cuba, Iran, Syria, North Korea, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.
  • Deadline: 12:00pm (PST), Friday June 12, 2020.

Grant amounts

Applicants must request a specific amount required to achieve clearly-defined outcomes. We currently offer three buckets for funding in both the Foundational Technology and Creative Catalyst tracks of the open Call for Proposals:

Spark Level


We expect to award Spark Level grants for research and planning, event participation, community engagement, documentation, and smaller-scale content monetization experiments.

Mid Level


We expect to award Mid Level grants for the design, prototyping, and building of plugins, APIs,  and other monetization tools, research and development including whitepapers and academic research, larger-scale content creation, and community activations.

Flagship Level


We expect to award Flagship Level grants for the operational and technology costs related to comprehensive tooling and platform innovation, and large-scale community activations.

The application process

Before you dive in, take our 2-minute eligibility quiz to ensure you qualify.

To apply, you will need to provide:

  • A detailed description of your project
  • A timeline with milestones for each month
  • A plan for who will do the work
  • A plan for licensing your work
  • How you will use the Web Monetization standard and/or Interledger protocol
  • What you hope to learn by the end of the project
  • How you will communicate publicly about your work
  • Your budget and how you intend to spend the requested funds