Call for Proposals

Grant for the Web will award variable amounts for projects up to six months in duration. Successful proposals will focus on practical activity to catalyze Interledger-driven business models for the web that expand financial inclusion.

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Award categories

Business Plans for Web Monetized Content

Exploring the relationship between specific content types and consumer appetites for monetization by offering value propositions that are different from traditional web business models.

Web Monetization 
API & Interledger Prototypes

Building technical infrastructure that will advance the capabilities of Web Monetization to launch new business models for the web.

Research with and for the Web Monetization Ecosystem

Producing research, reports, and thought leadership to convince more people to adopt Web Monetization technology and practices.

Advocacy and Public Education

Helping others learn about and advocate for openly networked payments enabled by the Interledger Protocol and the Web Monetization API.

What we’re looking for

We aim to fund innovation supporting openly-networked payments on the web using the Interledger Protocol and the Web Monetization standard.

Our goal is iterative learning in order to build a healthy, vibrant ecosystem of web monetized tools, content, and resources.

We recognize that dominant business models of the web are controlled by the same institutions, companies, and algorithms that reinforce systemic racism and inequality. We seek to support communities that have – and continue to be – systemically and deliberately excluded from opportunities around financial inclusion and empowerment.

We also aim to promote good web design principles, ensuring that the emerging Web Monetization ecosystem supports scalable, global, and open standardization.

Projects must be manageable experiments, but they are not required to succeed – we recognize that we don’t know the limits of the technology and are enthusiastically open to boundary-pushing ideas.


The deadline for applications is Wednesday, September 22 at 19:00 UTC.

Who can apply

Applications to the open call for proposals can be submitted by individuals, organizations, companies, and institutions. We can fund projects almost anywhere in the world. Lead applicants must be 18 or older.

A few important details

  • Grant for the Web will fund projects scoped up to six months in duration. If you have an idea that is more ambitious, focus your application on a deliverable that can be achieved in the first six months.
  • At least 50% of all funds distributed through this open call will go to projects that are openly licensed.
  • One application per person or organization.
  • Projects can only be submitted under one category.
  • While projects and content can be in any language, applications must be submitted in English.

Award amounts

Applicants must request a specific amount required to achieve clearly defined outcomes. We currently offer three tiers for funding:

Spark Level


Small-scale projects. Good for early stage ideas or specific and limited deliverables.

Mid Level


Medium-scale projects. Good for building on existing work and capacity, launching programs, and pursuing multiple deliverables.

Flagship Level


Large-scale projects. Good for multi-faceted programs that balance a variety of activities and deliverables with a goal of tangible additions to the ecosystem.

The application process

Applying to the open call for proposals will take you a few hours (you'll have the ability to save along the way). Before you dive in, take our two-minute eligibility quiz to ensure you qualify. Teams must identify a lead applicant and submit a single application. To apply, you will need to provide:

  • A detailed description of your project
  • Key deliverables and milestones
  • A budget outlining how you intend to spend the requested funds
  • A plan for licensing your work
  • An explanation of how Web Monetization (using the Web Monetization Standard and/or the Interledger Protocol) is central to your project
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