The Advisory Council

Grant for the Web is a $100M fund to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in web monetization. Grant for the Web operates as an independent program, guided by a charter and funded and led by Coil in collaboration with Mozilla and Creative Commons. Representatives from these founding collaborators make up the initial Grant for the Web Advisory Council, with the representative from Coil acting as the chair. Additional Advisory Council members may be added with the agreement of existing members. Advisory Council responsibilities are outlined in the Grant for the Web Charter, and  include:

  • Helping develop clearly defined program objectives and outcomes
  • Helping design the program’s policies, grantmaking strategy, and application criteria
  • Providing strategic advice on the program elements designed and implemented by the Program Team 
  • Approving funding decisions 
  • Ensuring that awards are aligned with the founding collaborators’ shared goals of transparency, public reporting, and diversity and inclusiveness
  • Promoting Grant for the Web

In addition to the Advisory Council, Mozilla, Creative Commons, and Coil will each designate an advisor who will serve on a Technical Advisory Group. The purpose of this group will be to judge, vet, and make recommendations to guide the direction and strategic aspects of the program, and to review grant applications from a technical perspective and in turn provide recommendations to the Advisory Council. The Technical Advisory Group will not have any independent authority within the program’s structure.  

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