Grant for the Web Ambassadors HJ Chen and Cris Beasley

Grant for the Web Ambassadors pave the way for indie content creators to generate online revenue without third parties taking a cut

When Grant for the Web launched in September 2019, we knew we needed creative, ambitious individuals willing to experiment, play, and communicate how Web Monetization can work for the long tail of content creators, so we created the Ambassador Program to fund ecosystem evangelism and dynamic case studies. We’re proud to announce our first two Ambassadors, Hui Jing Chen (better known in the devrel community as HJ), a web developer from Malaysia and the founder of Talk.CSS, and Cris Beasley, an entrepreneur, artist, and podcaster based in the United States who digs into progressive tech, emotional awareness, and startup topics. 

Hui Jing (HJ) Chen

Popular webdev blogger and tutorial-maker, HJ Chen will be implementing Web Monetization on her website via Coil and documenting the entire experience and takeaways for others who wish to do the same. Her efforts will support the local tech community  in Singapore by using the funds to sponsor community meetups as well as the local volunteer group, Engineers.SG.

“The technology and ideas are so new, there needs to be education and examples on how to monetize personal websites. I want to help inspire and onboard future content creators to creatively explore Web Monetization on their own websites. I will start by explaining how Web Monetization works through my own personal journey as a beginner to best share with others who are interested in pursuing this as a means for income for content creation on the web.” – HJ Chen

Cris Beasley

Cris will explore the relationship between incentivization, revenue generation and Web Monetization through a digital art project called the Becoming Dragon Card Deck. Comprised of a set of cards and a guidebook, this original content will form the basis of Cris’ exploration to discover compelling ways to interact with her audience through web monetized content.

“Success looks like having a community that's actively in conversation. We need to determine what brings supporters in so we can provide content and services to meet their expectations. Web Monetization is more than a way to get paid, it's an intrinsic part of creating the most beautiful outcomes for all involved.” – Cris Beasley

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