David Lockie: A Grant for the Web Ambassador

David Lockie: A Grant for the Web Ambassador

WordPress is a dominant web platform, powering nearly 40% of the world’s websites and nearly 65% of the CMS market. Conservative estimates state that more than 400 million people visit WordPress sites each month, making the platform a mandatory target for any new technology that seeks to gain traction reaching both creators and visitors.

That's why we're excited to announce our newest GftW Ambassador, David Lockie. An experienced WordPress Developer, David led a team to develop the world's first Web Monetization plugin for Wordpress.

David will bring his passion and deep experience to assist the Grant for the Web Program team at the Interledger Foundation to Create a WordPress-powered showcase that uses the Coil WordPress plugin to demonstrate how publishers and content creators can leverage Web Monetization technology.

“I’m incredibly excited (and honoured) to become a GftW Ambassador. Web Monetization is built, like WordPress, on the foundations of an open web, open protocols and open standards. I believe in Web Monetization as an additional way for WordPress-based content creators to earn a living and enable them to keep contributing to the wonderful shared resource that is the open web. I’ve already started drafting the content series and am looking forward to talking to anyone who wants to know more.”

During his Ambassadorship, David will

  • Create a living showcase and tutorial for anyone using self-hosted WordPress to be inspired by what’s possible and find out exactly how to implement Web Monetization themselves.
  • Use the site to engage in both offline and online conversations including community channels, events and other websites
  • Write a series of articles about Web Monetization and the WordPress plugin
  • Produce a series of webinars and recordings to accompany the content articles

About David Lockie

David is a zoologist by degree, founded Pragmatic (one of the UK’s leading WordPress agencies) and is currently CMO at Angry Creative (Europe’s largest WooCommerce agency). He also advises Adnode and WordProof and is co-chair of the blockchain council at BIMA. He lives in Brighton, UK with his family and enjoys travel, music, food and riding bikes. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn where he’s always happy to chat.

About Grant for the Web

Grant for the Web is a fund to boost open, fair and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization. The program is part of the Interledger Foundation and is guided by the Grant for the Web Charter in collaboration with founding collaborators Coil, Mozilla and Creative Commons. The fund prioritizes innovative ideas that incorporate or build upon the Web Monetization standard and protocols.

For more information visit https://www.grantfortheweb.org/.

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