DEV: A Grant for the Web Awardee

DEV partners with Grant for the Web to drive innovation around open standards in Web Monetization

We are excited to announce a partnership with DEV on a community hackathon driving exploration and experimentation around the Web Monetization standard. DEV’s platform boasts 350k+ registered developers and millions of monthly visitors and they will not only implement a site-wide payment pointer as a real-life application of the technology, they will also introduce functionality enabling authors to add their own payment pointer to their own posts.

DEV will serve as a key promotional partner and community resource by amplifying Grant for the Web’s first public Call for Proposals, encouraging developers to learn about the technology through their hackathon (including offering cash prizes for the best entries), and driving quality submissions towards Grant for the Web’s open call. 

“DEV has long espoused the values of a more inclusive, open, and fair internet. DEV Founder, Ben Halpern, published an article over two years ago titled “How could topple Facebook” describing the power of open-source and aligned incentives with the community. The Web Monetization standard and the Interledger protocol have the potential to be an important part of a broad macro shift on the web.” – Peter Frank, co-CEO of

Without a vibrant, diverse, and engaged community, the mission of Grant for the Web cannot be achieved. Innovative ideas need conversation and connectivity to thrive. That is why we are excited that DEV – a community of software developers helping one another out – is one of our first grantees. They know that the open web relies on collaboration and networked learning and are bringing that energy to Grant for the Web.

With this grant, DEV will:

  • Run a DEV x Grant for the Web community hackathon 
  • Implement a payment pointer on to serve as a key open-source example of the technology
  • Enable DEV authors to add their own payment pointer
  • Drive quality submissions to Grant for the Web's public Call for Proposals

Read more about Grant for the Web's early awardees.

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