Enclave Games: A Grant for the Web Awardee

Enclave Games to innovate in web monetized indie game development with new games, documentation, and the js13kGames competition.

We are proud to fund Enclave Games, a two-person indie game development studio building hyper-casual mobile HTML5 games since 2012. Andrzej Mazur is a JavaScript programmer, and Ewa Mazur is a graphic designer, both based in Warsaw, Poland.

Their project will provide learning resources and documentation to help make Web Monetization popular among HTML5 game developers. This will be done by writing documentation and tutorials, creating open-source code examples and game demos implementing Web Monetization, and offering competitions to engage with the community.

Web game developers don't have viable alternatives to traditional and proprietary game monetization like advertisements. Packaging games and publishing them in closed marketplaces or behind paywalls runs contrary to the ideals of the open web and blocks innovation. Ewa and Andrzej show developers that experimenting on the web and implementing Web Monetization can be a creator-centered path to making a living off HTML5 games.

Enclave Games believes in the open web and is excited by the potential of Grant for the Web to help indie game developers survive and thrive when they don't want to employ advertisements, spy on their users, or sell their data.                         

"The Web Monetization API gives game developers and content creators a way to monetize their creative work, without compromising their values or the user experience. As developers, we don’t have to depend on annoying in-game ads that interrupt the player. We can get rid of tracking scripts invading player privacy." - Andrzej Mazur

With this grant, Enclave Games will:

  • Create and release three new hyper-casual HTML5 games that will experiment with creative ways to reward web monetized players while providing open documentation and tutorials about the creation of these games for other developers to do the same.
  • Write and publish "Building Tiny Games With Phaser" eBook which will be available to read online for free and contain a chapter about Web Monetization.
  • Run a Gamedev.js survey which will explore current monetization options developers use
  • Feature a Web Monetization category in the js13kGames 2020 competition.

Read more about Enclave Games plans for Web Monetization, Andrzej’s story of how it all happened, and learn more about Grant for the Web's early awardees.

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