Experimenting With Monetization

When digital technologist Sally Lait learned about Web Monetization, the proposed web standard based on a JavaScript API, she was intrigued.

Many content creators around the web rely on advertising as a business model. Even modest returns can make a difference to someone (particularly considering how the relative value of currency can vary globally), and ads on sites have become extremely commonplace. Of course, they’re not without issues. Performance, privacy abuses, unethical targeting, adblockers, and of course the fact that actual content is reduced to a tiny fraction of the page are topics that have been debated long and hard.

She began experimenting with monetization by adding a meta tag to her site, and blogged about her observations.

Screen shot of Sally Lait's blog

Read Sally's full post, Exploring Web Monetization, on her blog. And if you're interested in the ecosystem diversity she mentions, join the Grant for the Web forum afterwards to join the discussion.

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