Money City: An open source toolkit

As part of our MozFest 2021 activities, we partnered with the great folks at TechDirt, Copia Institute, and Leveraged Play on a simulation designed to spark creative thinking about the future of money, monetization, currency, and payments with a fun group game set in a fictional dystopian city.

Money City emerged after much thought and design, and ran three times over the course of MozFest with very different outcomes from each session.

Now, the team behind Money City has released an open source toolkit allowing anyone to run a version of the game! The toolkit includes includes a facilitator guide, a helpful "run of show" document, recaps of the MozFest sessions allowing you to see and prepare for some unexpected scenarios, plus all the other assets required to run the game.

The team has also done extensive blogging about their work designing and running Money City:

We had so much fun with the game at MozFest that we're already looking for other opportunities to run it.  Perhaps a session for folks in the Web Monetization community? Or as an onboarding activity for our next cohort of grantees? We're open to ideas! And don't forget, you can also run the game yourself anytime using the open source toolkit.



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