4 ways to explore Web Monetization at MozFest

Grant for the Web session at MozFest (photo by Photo by Connor Ballard-Pateman)

MozFest – Mozilla’s annual gathering for activists in diverse global movements fighting for a more humane digital world – is fast approaching. 

For the first time ever, the cost of tickets is on a sliding scale, giving you the option to help offset the cost of attendance for otherwise could not join. Pay-what-you-can tickets are available here.

Our previous MozFest activity focused on gathering community input. This year we’re showcasing the community’s work. Here’s what we have planned:

 The Future of Money: A Simulation Game

Giant companies, governments, and proprietary networks control how money moves around the globe through systems that are centralized and grossly inequitable. Join this simulation game to strategize, brainstorm, build worlds, and act in-character to explore emerging methods of monetization, how to counter more centralized forms of control, the new models of commerce and organizations that may develop, and how factions might encourage the ecosystem to grow in a direction that suits their needs. This game is designed and facilitated by the creative teams at TechDirt, Copia Institute, and Leveraged Play.  Game Session 1  / Game Session 2  /  Game Session 3 

Alternatives to Digital Ads

A Dialogues & Debates Conversation on how alternatives to invasive online ads could become mainstream. Featuring Briana Marbury, Executive Director, Interledger Foundation and Harriet Kingaby, Mozilla Fellowship alum. Alternatives to Digital Ads conversation.

Business models on the web are broken! Let's fix them.

A roundtable discussion between Grant for the Web grantees – with participant interaction through Q&A – about the consequences of centralized control over the transfer of value on the web, and how open technology like the proposed Web Monetization Standard and the Interledger Protocol are creating new, more equitable opportunities for creators, publishers, and technologists. Roundtable discussion

Grant for the Web Project Gallery

Come demo, experience, and learn with innovators in the Web Monetization Community Space. During MozFest we will showcase how technologists and content creators around the world are creating better business models for the web using open standards. Use Coil to enable Web Monetization in your browser and stream micropayments to these creators as you view their projects. Visit the Grant for the Web Project Gallery.

We are excited to help program and sponsor Mozilla’s flagship event. MozFest is one of the globe’s best celebrations of the open web and an excellent place to find community. We believe that these two weeks will inform the program and its goals for years to come!

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