The Program Team

Grant for the Web is managed by Loup Design & Innovation, with advisors Desigan Chinniah and Steve Place.

Loup is a social change consultancy that helps organizations listen to and learn from the people they serve: customers, stakeholders, grantees, and more. With a focus on networked projects and communities, Loup designs and implements innovative, global programs that elevate the ideas and voices of individuals to build and nurture thriving, creative ecosystems. The Loup team is made up of multi-disciplinary strategists, educators, researchers, and designers, with a background in and deep passion for open, accessible technologies.

“We’re excited to contribute to this work because — as entrepreneurs, creatives, and fans — we understand how broken the current system is and can see the possibilities for creators, publishers, and audiences. This is a chance to generate solutions that contribute to a healthy web — one with more portability and privacy. We’re looking forward to help jump start and bring together a community to explore and push what is possible with web monetization.”
— Christine Prefontaine, Executive Director, Loup Design & Innovation

For more information about Loup please visit Loup.Design or follow @ListeningLoup. on Twitter.

Read Loup’s blog about the launch of Grant for the Web.

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