Grant for the Web is an Interledger Foundation program to boost open, fair, and inclusive standards and innovation in Web Monetization.

We are all about

Better business models for the web

Grant for the Web will spark a healthier internet built on open standards, giving people more independence and control over how they distribute and monetize content, and generating better business models for the web.

Open standards

Working monetization natively into the web using open protocols and standards benefits both content creators and their supporters by providing access, choice, and user control.

Built-in monetization for content creators

We envision a world where it’s possible for creators and publishers to get paid for their work without relying on invasive ads, paywalls, and the abuse of personal data.


Supporting a healthy ecosystem

Grant for the Web is founded on the belief that a healthy internet needs openness and opportunity, and that it cannot be built on the backs of individuals’ security and privacy.

These funds will seed an ecosystem that will challenge the web’s most urgent issues: loss of privacy, centralization of power, and inequalities in online participation.

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Who we seek

Content Creators

We seek makers of all stripes: webdevs, game developers, bloggers, photographers, musicians, journalists, filmmakers, writers, podcasters, software developers, and more. If you are creating content on the web and are eager to experiment with open, privacy-centric options for monetization, Grant for the Web is for you.

Fans & Supporters

If you believe that the creators you love should be paid fairly for their work, but not at the expense of their integrity — or your privacy and security — we invite you to participate as a citizen of the web to advocate for values-based solutions to Web Monetization.

Web Custodians

A new ecosystem requires thoughtful design that is inclusive and accessible. From documentation to support, from infrastructure to community, if your passion is ensuring the web remains an open resource that puts users in control, we invite you to join us.